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Title: 'Me? Go to a marriage counsellor! You're joking!': a survey of public attitudes to and knowledge of marriage counselling
Personal Author: Sharpley, Christopher;   Rogers, H.;   Evans, Norelle
Source: Australian Journal of Sex, Marriage and Family, v.5, no.3, Aug 1984: 129-137
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Title: Attitudes to, and knowledge of counselling in Australia
Personal Author: Rogers, H. Jane;   Sharpley, Christopher
Source: Australian Psychologist, v.18, no.3, Nov 1983: 321-329
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Title: Hooroo to all that. -The effect of government policies on universities, particularly on the University of Sydney's Faculty of Arts-
Personal Author: Rogers, H. L.
Source: Arts (Sydney, Australia), v.14, 1989: 46-54
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Title: The Parenting Sense of Competence Scale: investigation of the factor structure, reliability, and validity for an Australian sample
Personal Author: Rogers, H.;   Matthews, J.
Source: Australian Psychologist, v.39, no.1, Mar 2004: (88)-96
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