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Connect and converse with #auslibchat

Volume 37 Issue 9/10 (Sep/Oct 2016)

Abstract: The ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee outlines how you can use Twitter to connect, learn and expand your LIS universe.

To cite this article: Connect and converse with #auslibchat [online]. Incite, Vol. 37, No. 9/10, Sep/Oct 2016: 28-29. Availability: <;dn=318454555999493;res=IELAPA> ISSN: 0158-0876. [cited 28 Jun 17].

Source: Incite, Vol. 37, No. 9/10, Sep/Oct 2016: 28-29 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 0158-0876 Subject: Twitter; Libraries; Library employees; Communities of practice; Knowledge management;

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