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Financing Innovation: Markets and the Structure of Risk

Issue 53 (Apr 2004)

Abstract: Australia has failed to build significant positions in technological and industrial revolutions that have transformed the global economy like software, electronics and biotechnology. In all three Australia are only a consumer and not a producer. This is due to the failure to develop financial and organizational vehicles that can handle the special form of risk inherent in contemporary technological innovation.

To cite this article: West, Jonathan. Financing Innovation: Markets and the Structure of Risk [online]. Growth, No. 53, Apr 2004: 12-34. Availability: <;dn=325344032162461;res=IELBUS> ISSN: 0085-1280. [cited 23 Jul 17].

Personal Author: West, Jonathan; Source: Growth, No. 53, Apr 2004: 12-34 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 0085-1280 Subject: Risk management; Industrial revolution; Industries--Technological innovations; Industries--Finance; Affiliation: (1) Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University

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