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23rd Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education 2012: Profession of Engineering Education: Advancing Teaching, Research and Careers, The

Imprint: [Melbourne, Vic.]; Engineers Australia; 2012Extent: 1137 p.ISBN: 9780987177230Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Engineering

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: The Profession of Engineering Education: Advancing Teaching, Research and Careers Engineering education is in a dynamic period of change, with growth in the adoption of a range of teaching methods and technologies, evolving institutional directives on research and research funding, and the increasing understanding in the Australasian community that engineering education is becoming both an academic discipline and a career path unto itself. The 2012 AAEE Conference is embracing this changing environment through a strong engagement with three essential components: our relationships to teaching, engineering education research, and professional pathways. Creating an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation, the conference will offer traditional paper sessions, a variety of workshops, and Master Classes facilitated by recognised experts - all with the focus of building participants' knowledge and skills in their chosen profession.

Session 1A: Assessment I
Session 1B: Curriculum Design I

Curriculum development and educational research: The barriers to good practice and what to do about them

Jolly, Lesley; Brodie, Lyn; Prpic, Juliana Kaya; Crosthwaite, Caroline; Kavanagh, Lydia; Buys, Laurie

Session 1C: Professional Practice Learning

Site walks as a learning practice for professional engineers

Rooney, Donna; Reich, Ann; Willey, Keith; Gardner, Anne; Boud, David

Session 1D: Teaching Tools I
Session 1E: Project Based Learning I
Session 2A: Assessment II
Session 2B: Curriculum Design II
Session 2C: Graduate Attributes and Accreditation
Session 2D: Engineering Education

A contribution to disambiguation of interdisciplinary knowledge

Abhary, Kazem; Adriansen, Hanne Kirstine; Hsu, Hung-Yao; Kovacic, Zlatko; Mulcahy, Dennis; Spuzic, Sead

Session 3A: Project Based Learning II
Session 3B: Cultural Issues and Gender

Intercultural competence in engineering education: Who are we teaching?

Goldfinch, Thomas; Abuodha, Pamela; Hampton, Greg; Frances, Hill; Dawes, Les; Thomas, Giles

Session 3C: Online Learning I

Some do, some don't: Student use of online writing resources

Skinner, Iain; Mort, Pam; Calvo, Rafael; Drury, Helen; Garcia Molina, Marco

Session 3D: Student and Staff Engagement

The teaching and learning development program: An opportunity to excel?

Kavanagh, Lydia; O'Moore, Liza; Papinczak, Tracey; Reidsema, Carl; Crosthwaite, Caroline

Session 4A: Professional Skills
Session 4B: Student Feedback and Attrition
Session 4C: Online Learning II
Session 4D: Teaching Tools II
Workshop 9
Session 5A: Student Learning I

Scoping metalearning opportunity in the first three years of engineering

Meyer, Jan; Knight, David; Baldock, Tom; Kizil, Mehmet; O'Moore, Liza; Callaghan, David

Session 5B: Team Assessment
Session 5C: Innovative Programs

Higher degree research at Australian universities: Responding to diversity in engineering and information technology

Samania, Shamim; Woodman, Karen; Trevelyan, James; Taji, Acram; Narayanswamy, Ramesh; Silva, Pujitha; Yarlagadda, Prasad

Session 5D: Engineering Design

The process of design based learning: A students' perspective

Joordens, Matthew; Chandrasekaran, Sivachandran; Stojcevski, Alex; Littlefair, Guy

Session 6A: Student Learning II
Session 6B: Assessment and First Year

Examining first year students' preparedness for studying engineering

Burton, Lorelle; Dowling, David; Kavanagh, Lydia; O'Mooreb, Liza; Wilkes, Janelle

Session 6C: Engineering at High School and Podcasts
Session 6D: Class Delivery