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25th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education : Engineering the Knowledge Economy: Collaboration, Engagement & Employability

Imprint: Barton, ACT; School of Engineering & Advanced Technology, Massey University; 2014Extent: 1410 p.ISBN: 9780473304287Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Engineering; Education; Higher educationPeer Reviewed: Yes

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Abstract: The annual AAEE Conference is the largest gathering of engineering educators in Australasia, bringing together delegates to discuss engineering education research and best practice. The theme Engineering the Knowledge Economy: Collaboration, Engagement & Employability wishes to challenge the education, industry and government sectors to develop a cohesive, systemic process that enables learners to engage and develop into world class engineers.


Development of laboratories with virtual and real elements for better preparation of telecommunications engineers

del Carmen Lopez-Bautista, Maria; Castro-Martinez, Amalia Nallely; Gonzalez-Tinoco, Juan Emmanuel; Perez-Garcia, Selene; Khotiaintsev, Sergei


Master class: Preparing students for gendered workplaces

Male, Sally; Bennett, Dawn; Figueroa, Eugenia; Gardner, Anne; Khan, Nazim; MacNish, Cara; Maynard, Nicoleta; Willey, Keith


Assessment of final year engineering projects - an AQF8 perspective

Jarman, Rob; Henderson, Alan; Kootsookos, Alex; Anwar, Faisal; Lawson, Justin


Workshop: Thinking like an engineer

Missingham, Dorothy; Cheong, Mei; Tonkin, Madeleine; Matulessya, Stella; Lowe, Samuel; Cook, Tristan; Ashby, Rhiannon


Workshop: Good practice guidelines for curriculum, supervision and assessment of final year engineering projects and AQF8 learning outcomes

Rasul, Mohammad; Lawson, Justin; Jarman, Rob; Hadgraft, Roger; Howard, Prue; Martin, Fae; Kestell, Colin; Anwar, Faisal; Stojcevski, Alex; Henderson, Alan; Kootsookos, Alex


Approaches to applied learning

Dekkers, Antony; Howard, Prue; Adams, Nadine; Martin, Fae


Improving success in engineering calculus: Design of a bridge program

Nitea, Sandra B; Morgan, Jim; Capraro, Robert M; Allen, GDonald; Capraro, Mary M


The adaptive virtual workshop: Maintaining student engagement through an on-line adaptive resource for engineering design education

Vassar, Alexandra; Prusty, Gangadhara; Burton, Lorelle; Doh, Jeung-Hwan; Ford, Robin; James, Matthew; Marcus, Nadine; Mashiri, Fidelis; Meyer, Jan HF; Ojeda, Roberto; Uddin, Mohammad; White, Tim


Reflections on a collaborative degree: The metro experience

Hogan, Debbie; Dantzer, Robert; Tsui, Charles; Fair, Malcolm; Rodgers, Doug; Loo, Wei; Wagg, Sharon


Enhancing student learning outcomes in manufacturing engineering through design based learning

Polishetty, Ashwin; Chandrasekaran, Sivachandran; Goldberg, Moshe; Littlefair, Guy; Steinwedel, Jason; Stojcevski, Alex


Using an international survey to inform scenarios of the future of engineering education

Ohland, Matthew W; Dicht, Burton; Froyd, Jeffrey E; Lindsay, Euan D; Lord, Susan M; Prahallad, Kishore


Global engineering 101: A first year international ambassadorship program

Lucas, Harry; Bakopoulos, Petros; Grano, Huw; Willis, Craig; Missingham, Dorothy; Kestell, Colin; Wright, Matthew


Video presentations in engineering-physics practicals to increase the efficiency of teaching and learning

Long, John M; Thomas, Sam K; Campbell, Adrienne MV; Crawford, Tim; Sian, Rupinder K; Stannard, Warren B; Chenery, Kenneth L; Mahato, Ajay; He, Rongliang; Cong, Weiwei; Dowthwaite, Jonathan M; Joordens, Matthew A


Empowering undergraduate education through support of student societies

Thompson, F; Wilson, S; Waterhouse, A; Armstrong, C; Keane, J; Forrest, AL; Symes, M