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27th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education : AAEE 2016

Imprint: Lismore, NSW; Southern Cross University; 2016Extent: 714 p.ISBN: 9780994152039Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: EngineeringPeer Reviewed: Yes

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: 27th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education : AAEE2016 was hosted by Southern Cross University and held in Coffs Harbour NSW 4-7 December 2016. Since its first offering in 1989, the AAEE conference series has grown into a well-respected and well-known forum aimed to promote scholarship in engineering education and to facilitate the dissemination of best practices throughout the engineering education community. Historically, AAEE has generally themed conference events and for 2016 the theme is 'The Changing Role of the Engineering Educator for developing the Future Engineer'.


What is motivating engineering students to use 1:1 mobile devices for learning?

Firipis, Arthur; Chandrasekaran, Sivachandran; Lyons, Liam; Palmer, Stuart; Joordens, Matthew


Redesigning engineering curricula around studios

Hadgraft, Roger; Prior, Julia; Lawson, Justin; Aubrey, Tim; Jarman, Rob


Optical spectroscopy laboratory with complementary virtual and hands-on experiments

Lopez-Bautista, Maria del Carmen; Khotiaintsev, Sergei; Lorenzo-Bautista, Rodolfo; Miron-Carrasco, Junnuen


Enhancing global mindsets

Lawson, Justin; Hadgraft, Roger; McLaughlin, Patricia


Supporting engineering education through calculus success

Nite, Sandra B; Donald, Allen G; Capraro, Robert M; Bicer, Ali; Morgan, Jim


Reskilling the manufacturing workforce and developing capabilities for the future

Penesis, Irene; Barnes, Robin Katersky; Kilpatrick, Sue; Symes, Mark; Leon de la Barra, Bernardo A


Through engineers' eyes: A MOOC experiment

Ford, Robin; Vigentini, Lorenzo; Vulic, John; Chitsaz, Mahsa; Prusty, BGangadhara


Quality outcomes of learning and teaching in final year engineering projects

Rasul, MG; Lawson, J; Jarman, R; Hadgraft, R; Howard, P; Martin, F; Kestell, C; Anwar, F; Stojcevski, A; Henderson, A; Kootsooks, A