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Browse Index

Use Browse Indexes to find variations of terms in specific fields, e.g. find variants of 'Robert Smith' in the 'All Author fields' index:

In the Select Index list click the field index you want to search, e.g. 'All Author fields'.

In the Enter Term box, type the term or phrase you want to search for, e.g. 'Smith, Robert', then click Browse Term.

In the index you should now see the term you typed in or any terms beginning with the term you entered. Select check boxes to the left of the terms you want to find, and then click Search Checked to retrieve the records including the terms.

NB: Order of terms listing in any index follows the ASCII character set order so that some punctuation marks and numbers precede words or phrases beginning with the letters A to Z. Simply enter 'A' (or 'B' or 'C', etc.) in the Enter Term box and click Browse Term to go to the 'A' letter terms.