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Abstract: As part of an investigation on avian hybridization in the region of the Burdekin-Lynd divide, we carried out an extensive tour of Queensland between 26 February and 18 June 1976. Our route was from Enngonia to Charleville, Tambo, Warrego Range (28 February - 1 March), Blackhall, Emmet, Gowan Range near Mt Grey (4-7 March), Ilfracombe, Winton, Hughenden (10 March), Flinders River, Torrens Creek, Burra Range (13-14 March), Pentland, Lolworth, Reedy Spring (16 March), Gregory Park, Lyndhurst, The Lynd, Carpentaria Downs (18-21 March), Einasleigh, Newcastle Range, Forsayth (23-29 March), Einasleigh, Kidston, Gilberton, Ortona (30-31 March), Kidston, Einasleigh, Oasis, Conjuboy (2-5 April), Reedy Brook, Forty Mile Scrub (6-8 April), Mt Surprise, Mt Garnet (12 April), California Creek, Petford (13 April), Almaden, Tate River, Almaden, Chillagoe (15-17 April), Tate River, Bolwarra (18-19 April), confluence of Lynd River and Pinnacle Creek (19-21 April),Torwood, Bolwarra, Chillagoe (22 April), Walsh River crossing, Wrotham Park (24-26 April), Chillagoe, Petford, Mt Garnet, Forty Mile Scrub (29 April - 1 May), Mt Surprise, Newcastle Range (2-4 May), Georgetown, Gilbert River crossing, Barramundi Rock Hole (7-9 May), Croydon, Blackbull, Haydon, Normanton, Karumba (14-18 May), Normanton, Croydon, Georgetown (20 May), Mt Surprise, Oasis, Greenvale (21 May), Hillgrove, Charters Towers, Townsville (23 May - 8 June), Mt Spec (29 May), Home Hill (2 June), Forest Beach (5 June), Townsville, Charters Towers, Myrrlumbing, Red Falls (8-10 June) Bodalla, Lolworth (10 June), Pentland, Burra Range (11-13 June), Torrens Creek, Hughenden, Boonderoo (14 June), Hughenden, Richmond, Julia Creek, Cloncurry (16 June), Mt Isa and Camooweal (18 June). Many significant observations on distributions Of birds were made. In this contribution we are mainly concerned with extensions and other amendments to the known ranges of Queensland birds as outlined by Storr (1973). Distances given are linear between localities.

To cite this article: Ford, Julian; Greensmith, A and Reid, Nicholas. Notes on the distribution of Queensland birds [online]. Sunbird: Journal of the Queensland Ornithological Society, The, Vol. 11, No. 3/4, Sep/Dec 1980: 58-70. Availability: <;dn=888521476186616;res=IELHSS> ISSN: 1037-258X. [cited 23 Jun 17].

Personal Author: Ford, Julian; Greensmith, A; Reid, Nicholas; Source: Sunbird: Journal of the Queensland Ornithological Society, The, Vol. 11, No. 3/4, Sep/Dec 1980: 58-70 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1037-258X Subject: Birds--Geographical distribution; Peer Reviewed: Yes

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