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Studio tropes: Exploring the fluid contexts for creativity

Art Monthly Australia
Issue 299 (Jun-Jul 2017)

Abstract: As a title, 'Our Studio Selves' has all the promise of a nine-episode Netflix/HBO hit dramedy. The narrative arc of this yet-to-bemade show might involve a cast of passionate characters with anti-establishment lifestyle choices drawn together by straightened economic circumstances to live and work together in rough digs. All with unique backstories, they are what are now known as 'creatives' - web designers (do they still exist?), fashionistas, artists of various sorts, writers, opera singers and so on. Their social, psychosexual and intellectual interactions, their often conflicted creativity, are made all the more poignant by being played out among post-industrial locations. The denouement sees canny real-estate developers and local government officials with the glint of gentrification in their eyes collude in an orgy of urban renewal so that the collapse of the group's cohesion is inevitable. Sound familiar? These are some of the contexts to the work of eight Australian and international artists brought together in the recent actual exhibition 'Our Studio Selves' by independent curator Jasmin Stephens.

To cite this article: Judd, Craig. Studio tropes: Exploring the fluid contexts for creativity [online]. Art Monthly Australia, No. 299, Jun-Jul 2017: 44-47. Availability: <;dn=836693385138148;res=IELLCC> ISSN: 1033-4025. [cited 22 Jul 17].

Personal Author: Judd, Craig; Source: Art Monthly Australia, No. 299, Jun-Jul 2017: 44-47 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1033-4025 Subject: Web sites--Design; Gentrification; Creative thinking;

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