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The wide-screen selfie: Emma Thomson's 'Take your best shot'

Issue 94 (Autumn/Winter 2014)

Abstract: The democratic artform of photography and the digital revolution of social media have seen the creation of a new audience of performers. Andy Warhol's maxim of 'everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes' needs to acknowledge that it is now our first 15 minutes. We have become adept at being photographed - we know how to look our best, what poses work and how to use visual shorthand to express universal feelings. The 'selfie' - ubiquitously littering the web - provides aspects of control over how one aspires to be presented. Once uploaded to the internet, these self-directed head shots are ripped from their context, discarded like so much junk mail. Irrespective of the history of photographic portraiture, selfies exist as onanistic statements that no longer speak of a time or place, but merely the thoughts of the subject as if seen through the illuminated eyes of their digital visage.

To cite this article: Buchanan, Kent. The wide-screen selfie: Emma Thomson's 'Take your best shot' [online]. Photofile, No. 94, Autumn/Winter 2014: 17-24. Availability: <;dn=527807360465638;res=IELAPA> ISSN: 0811-0859. [cited 29 Jun 17].

Personal Author: Buchanan, Kent; Source: Photofile, No. 94, Autumn/Winter 2014: 17-24 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 0811-0859 Subject: Digital media--Social aspects; Portrait photography; Photography of the human body;

Database: APAFT