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Abstract: You left me standing outside the Extended- Stay America holding that Ziploc bag filled with the pieces of your costume jewellery not important enough to keep. It's too much for me to even look at the plasticky turquoise and faux rhinestones now. I'm on the verge of sneezing from the sight of their kitsch colours in the strong light. It is always much too bright in these places by i-75, the aortic vein throbbing up America's squishy torso. Places choked with the cholesterol of a thousand asphalt sphincters now lubricated with the dirty mayonnaise of recent snowmelt. Trucks supply the white noise. I suddenly realise: I'm all by myself...

To cite this article: Zagorin, Edmund. Overextended [online]. Voiceworks, No. 93, Winter 2013: 47-49. Availability: <;dn=527229738356634;res=IELLCC> ISSN: 1038-4464. [cited 28 Jun 17].

Personal Author: Zagorin, Edmund; Source: Voiceworks, No. 93, Winter 2013: 47-49 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article, Fiction ISSN: 1038-4464 Subject: Handbags; Costume jewelry;

Database: Literature & Culture Collection