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Australia and New Zealand are soft theocracies

Issue 42 (Spring 2013)

Abstract: Trying to find an accurate way to describe the present relationship between government and religion I devised the term 'soft theocracy' and defined it as a 'state where church and government purposes coincide to garnishee taxpayers' money and resources, structurally through tax exemptions and functionally through grants and privileges'.

To cite this article: Wallace, Max. Australia and New Zealand are soft theocracies [online]. Dissent, No. 42, Spring 2013: 32-35. Availability: <;dn=502291562222173;res=IELLCC> ISSN: 1443-2102. [cited 26 Jul 17].

Personal Author: Wallace, Max; Source: Dissent, No. 42, Spring 2013: 32-35 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1443-2102 Subject: Theocracy; Church and state; Affiliation: (1) Vice-president, Rationalist Association of NSW, and Council Member, New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists

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