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Abstract: Everyone knows that we have had a series of earthquakes in Christchurch. There was a lot of damage, and a huge amount of work has been done to deconstruct unsafe buildings. Two years ago more than 40,000 people had their say about their vision for a future Christchurch. In the previous decade the region had been through the Urban Development Strategy process, and the people were pretty clear about their desire to stop urban sprawl. This hasn't changed due to destruction. We want a sustainable city. We want a high density CBD with lots of people living down town. We want urban villages around the rest of the urban form connected with each other through development corridors served by electric trams. We want parks and places and we want to rebuild as much of our historical character as we possibly can.

To cite this article: Krumdieck, Susan. From the ground up [online]. Future Times, Vol. 1/2, 2013: 3-4. Availability: <;dn=370500556512925;res=IELNZC> ISSN: 0112-0328. [cited 26 Jul 17].

Personal Author: Krumdieck, Susan; Source: Future Times, Vol. 1/2, 2013: 3-4 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 0112-0328 Subject: Earthquake damage; City planning--Citizen participation; Buildings--Earthquake effects--Safety regulations; Buildings--Planning; Affiliation: (1) Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury

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