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Abstract: Discusses the various problems plaguing East Timor and the international efforts being made by the United Nations to help solve these problems. The assistance being provided by the Australian government tin nation building and helping curb civil unrest is also highlighted.

To cite this article: Brennan, Frank. East Timor: What's Wrong? [online]. Sydney Papers, The, Vol. 20, No. 2, Autumn 2008: 18, 27-41. Availability: <;dn=369411009188104;res=IELHSS> ISSN: 1035-7068. [cited 22 Jul 17].

Personal Author: Brennan, Frank; Source: Sydney Papers, The, Vol. 20, No. 2, Autumn 2008: 18, 27-41 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1035-7068 Subject: International relations; Law of the sea; Petroleum industry and trade; Economic history; Social history; Armed Forces; Territorial waters; Affiliation: (1) Adjunct Fellow, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, ANU, and Professor of Law, Institute of Legal Studies, Australian Catholic University, and Professor of Human Rights and Social Justice, University of Notre Dame Australia

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