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Abstract: An important and often misunderstood concept in health care is privacy and confidentiality. All health practitioners have a legal and ethical duty to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their patients; a duty entrenched in federal, state and territory law as well as codes of ethics and professional conduct. However, protecting patient information can be a complex process, particularly when we consider how quickly technology has developed enabling us to gather increasing amounts of information about our patients. Correspondingly there has been an increase in the use of emails, mobile electronic devices, smart phones and electronic records to disseminate this information to a broader audience than the traditional paper patient record was capable of. It should come as no surprise then, that during this evolution consumers have become more aware of the risk to their privacy and are demanding greater protection of their personal information.

To cite this article: Starr, Linda. Patient privacy: So easily breached [online]. Australian Nursing Journal: ANJ, The, Vol. 20, No. 11, Jun 2013: 33. Availability: <;dn=357643806344767;res=IELHEA> ISSN: 1320-3185. [cited 20 Jul 17].

Personal Author: Starr, Linda; Source: Australian Nursing Journal: ANJ, The, Vol. 20, No. 11, Jun 2013: 33 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1320-3185 Subject: Medical records--Access control; Hospitals--Administration; Health--Information services; Affiliation: (1) Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Flinders University, South Australia

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