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Yet Another Version of the Portuguese 'Discovery' of Australia

Globe, The
Issue 59 (2007)

Abstract: In this article, written in response to the recent publication of a book by Peter Trickett, Beyond Capricorn: How Portuguese adventurers secretly discovered and charted Australia and New Zealand 250 years before Captain Cook, the author dismisses the latest claims that the Portuguese discovered Australia.

To cite this article: Richardson, WAR. Yet Another Version of the Portuguese 'Discovery' of Australia [online]. Globe, The, No. 59, 2007: 59-60. Availability: <;dn=197410051503660;res=IELHSS> ISSN: 0311-3930. [cited 21 Jul 17].

Personal Author: Richardson, WAR; Source: Globe, The, No. 59, 2007: 59-60 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article, Report ISSN: 0311-3930 Subject: Explorers; Discoveries in geography; Portuguese; History; 1500-1599; Discoveries in geography--Portuguese; Affiliation: (1) Associate Professor (Spanish and Portuguese), School of Humanities, Flinders University, Adelaide SA

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