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Abstract: The State Disability Plan was introduced by the Victorian Labour government in 2002 to reform the disability services sector based on fundamental principles of human rights and social justice. Despite this the plan promotes a vision of social policy closely aligned to the neo-liberal view that social supports are burdensome to marketised economies and to the ultimate goals of delivering budgetary surpluses, as a result of which, individual human suffering and social exclusion is increasing.

To cite this article: Gibilisco, Peter. The State Disability Plan - Rhetoric and Reality [online]. Just Policy: A Journal of Australian Social Policy, No. 39, Mar 2006: 45-48. Availability: <;dn=178857298320627;res=IELHSS> ISSN: 1323-2266. [cited 28 Jun 17].

Personal Author: Gibilisco, Peter; Source: Just Policy: A Journal of Australian Social Policy, No. 39, Mar 2006: 45-48 DOI: Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 1323-2266 Subject: Human rights; People with disabilities; Social justice; Social policy; People with disabilities--Care; People with disabilities--Services for; People with disabilities--Institutional care; Identifier: State Disability Plan Affiliation: (1) Sociology Program, The University of Melbourne

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