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Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference 2011: Developing engineers for social justice: Community involvement, ethics & sustainability 5-7 December 2011, Fremantle, Western Australia

Imprint: Barton, A.C.T.; Engineers Australia; 2011Extent: 650 p.Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: EngineeringPeer Reviewed: Yes

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: This year's theme of "Developing Engineers for Social Justice: Community Involvement, Ethics & Sustainability" allows us to expand our scope beyond just the time an engineer spends at university. Our aim is to also capture the pathways into engineering, as well as the professional development of engineers after they graduate and contribute both to industry and to society as a whole. There will be four sub-themes to support this overarching theme: Humanitarian engineering, Inclusivity, Ongoing graduate professional development, and Pathways into engineering.

Humanitarian Engineering

Observing cultural interactions in engineering design projects

Goldfinch, Thomas; Layton, Catherine; Gardner, Anne; Thomas, Giles; Henderson, Alan; McCarthy, Timothy

Ongoing Graduate Professional Development
Pathways into Engineering

Adaptive tutorials to target threshold concepts in mechanics - a community of practice approach

Prusty, Gangadhara B; Russell, Carol; Ford, Robin; Ben-Naim, Dror; Ho, Shaowei; Vrcelj, Zora; Marcus, Nadine; McCarthy, Timothy; Goldfinch, Tom; Ojeda, Roberto; Gardner, Anne; Molyneaux, Tom; Hadgraft, Roger


Do we succeed in developing problem-solving skills - the engineering students' perspective

Steiner, Tom; Belski, Iouri; Harlim, Jennifer; Baglin, James; Ferguson, Roy; Molyneaux, Tom


Faculty use of research based instructional strategies

Borrego, Maura; Cutler, Stephanie; Froyd, Jeff; Prince, Michael; Henderson, Charles


Interdisciplinary learning for final year engineering projects: Case studies

Sohel, Ferdous Ahmed; Thorne, Chris; Jegathesan, Jegatheva; Sergeev, Evgeni; Bennamoun, Mohammed


Is self-assessment effective in enhancing student learning?

Basnet, Badri; Basson, Marita; Devine, Jo; Hobohm, Carola; Cochrane, Sandra


Using Wiki as a facilitative tool for group work

Abdekhodaee, Amir; Ekambaram, Palaneeswaran; Borland, Rosemary