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Coasts and Ports 2005 : Coastal Living - Living Coast; Australasian Conference; Proceedings

Imprint: Barton, A.C.T.; Institution of Engineers, Australia; 2005Extent: 703 p.ISBN: 0646451308Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Engineering; Hydraulic engineering

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: The Conference focuses on coastal, ocean and port engineering mainly in Australia and New Zealand. The papers in this volume demonstrate the wide scope of interest that exists, from highly theoretical studies through practical field and laboratory studies to the construction and operation of coastal and port infrastructure. The general theme of the Conference is the desire to understand the coastal system more thoroughly and to apply that understanding towards better and more sustainable management and development.

Keynote Presentation
Session 1 Dredging I
Session 2 Environmental and Coastal Management

Mussel Farm Hydrodynamics

Stevens, Craig; Plew, David; Popinet, Stephane; Fredriksson, David

Session 3 Port Infrastructure I
Session 4 Replenishment, Bypassing

Beach Response to Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Operations

Boswood, PK; Voisey, CJ; Victory, SJ; Robinson, DA; Dyson, AR; Lawson, SR

Session 5 Navigation

Vessel Interaction Investigations at the Port of Brisbane

Savioli, Juan; Johnson, Richard; Rolph, Gary; Kirkegaard, Jens; Dwyer, Kerry; Sloth, Peter

Session 6 Waves I
Session 7 Port Infrastructure II
Session 8 Hydrodynamics
Session 9 Sediment Transport
Session 10 Waves II
Session 11 Port Infrastrucure III
Session 12 Replenishment, Swash

Swash-aquifer Interaction in Sandy Beaches

Cartwright, Nick; Baldock, Tom; Nielsen, Peter; Jeng, Dong-Sheng; Tao, Longbin

Keynote Presentation
Session 13 Policy and Planning
Session 14 Coastal Structures

Toe Protection and Remedial Options for Historical Seawalls

Carley, James T; Blacka, Mathew J; Cox, Ronald J; Philips, Anthony B

Session 15 Monitoring

Comparison of Video, RTK-GPS and Conventional Beach Survey Methods

Harley, Mitchell D; Turner, Ian L; Short, Andrew D; Ranasinghe, Roshanka


Video Observations of Shoreline and Sandbar Coupled Dynamics

Coco, Giovanni; Bryan, KR; Green, MO; Ruessink, BG; van Enckevort, IM J; Turner, Ian L

Session 16 Numerical Modelling

A Rational Protocol for Quantifying the Coastal Storm Erosion Hazard

Adamantidis, Christopher A; Nielsen, Alexander F; Bergs, Martin; Massie, Ray

Session 17 The Adelaide Coastal Waters Study I
Session 18 Environmental and Coastal Management
Session 19 Estuaries

Spring Tidal Pumping

Hinwood, Jon; McLean, Errol; Trevethan, Mark

Session 20 The Adelaide Coastal Waters Study II
Session 21 Dredging II
Session 22 Surfing Reefs, Breakwaters