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Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference 2015: 22nd Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference and the 15th Australasian Port and Harbour Conference

Imprint: Auckland, New Zealand; Engineers Australia and IPENZ; 2015Extent: 964 p.ISBN: 9781922107794Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: EngineeringPeer Reviewed: Yes

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: The Coasts and Ports 2015 Conference was an amalgamation of the 22nd Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference and the 15th Australasian Port and Harbour Conference. Coasts & Ports 2015 brought together engineers, planners, scientists, stakeholders and researchers to focus on the technological, scientific, policy, planning and design issues related to our diverse and developing coasts. The theme for the conference was Environomics. Environment and economics - can we have both? The idea behind this theme is the balancing act between protecting and preserving the environment and achieving economic growth and prosperity. How can investors, regulators and the public develop a win-win strategy? What is the appropriate balance of protecting against future climate change scenarios while enabling societies to benefit from their locations?


Beach profile evolution under cyclic wave climates

Atkinson, Alexander; Shimamoto, Tomoko; Wu, Sheng; Birrien, Florent; Baldock, Tom E


Port of Brisbane berth deepening study

Bendell, Gary; Bayliss, Peter; Cummings, Peter; Honeyfield, Neil


Moored vessel interaction induced by passing ships at the Port of Brisbane

Bhautoo, Prema; Mortensen, Simon; Hibberd, Willam; Harkin, Alex; Kirkegaard, Jens; Morley, Bill


Wave inundation on the coral coast of Fiji

Bosserelle, Cyprien; Kruger, Jens; Movono, Make; Reddy, Sandeep


Establishing the design scour level for seawalls

Carley, James T; Coghlan, Ian R; Flocard, Francois; Cox, Ronald J; Shand, Thomas D


Quantifying uplift loads on pile supported wharf structures, part 1: Tsunami bore

Chen, Cheng; Melville, Bruce W; Shafiei, Seyedreza; Popovich, Benjamin G; Shamseldin, Asaad Y; Wotherspoon, Liam


Restricted water effects on berthed ship - passing ship interaction

Denehy, Shaun P; Duffy, Jonathan T; Ranmuthugala, Dev; Renilson, Martin R


UAV applications to coastal engineering

Drummond, Christopher D; Harley, Mitchell D; Turner, Ian L; A Matheen, A Nashwan; Glamore, William C


Rip current observations on a low-sloping dissipative beach

Gallop, Shari L; Bryan, Karin R; Pitman, Sebastien; Ranasinghe, Roshanka; Sandwell, Dean


Four decades of coastal monitoring at Narrabeen-Collaroy Beach: The past, present and future of this unique dataset

Harley, Mitchell D; Turner, Ian L; Short, Andrew D; Bracs, Melissa A; Phillips, Matthew S; Simmons, Joshua A; Splinter, Kristen D


Observing the approaching tsunami

Heron, Malcolm L; Dvonkovskaya, Anna; Helzel, Thomas


Safeport: On-board visualization of hydro-meteorological effects on ferries entering and berthing the port of Gdynia, Poland

Reichel, Maceiej; Abramowicz-Gerigk, Teresa; Burciu, Zbigniew; Burka, Michal; Czepczynski, Marcin; Hajdel, Janusz; Kempa, Magdalena; Oen, Stig; Pettersen, Knut; Szklarski, Andrzej; Szymanowska, Beata; Tengberg, Anders


Valuing the coast for Auckland

Klinac, Paul; Sinclair, Sarah; Pickering, Julie; Coombes, Kath


Tsunami evacuation modelling and mitigation measures for Tauranga City, New Zealand

Knook, Patrick; Hansen, Reuben; Shand, Tom; Russ, Nick; Reinen-Hamill, Richard; Baunton, Paul; Conning, Richard; Nicholson, Calum


Transhipment of bulk ore products using a floating harbour transhipper

Macfarlane, Gregor J; Matsubara, Shinsuke; Clarke, Lauchlan J; Johnson, Nicholas TM; Ballantyne, Ross J


Concept design of a multipurpose submerged control structure for Palm Beach, Gold Coast Australia

Mortensen, Simon B; Hibberd, William J; Kaergaard, Kasper; Kristensen, Sten E; Deigaard, Rolf; Hunt, Shannon


Meteotsunamis in South-Western Australia

Pattiaratchi, Charitha; Wijeratne, Sarath; Salehi, Alireza


Will the sand come back?: Observations and characteristics of beach recovery

Phillips, Matthew S; Turner, Ian L; Cox, Ron J; Splinter, Kristen D; Harley, Mitchell D


Quantifying uplift loads on pile supported wharf structures, part 2: Solitary wave

Popovich, Benjamin G; Wotherspoon, Liam; Shafiei, Seyedreza; Chen, Cheng; Melville, Bruce W; Shamseldin, Asaad Y


Wave modulation by tidal currents near Cook Strait

Rapizo, Henrique; Babanin, Alexander; Aijaz, Saima; Hessner, Katrin


Onehunga foreshore restoration project

Reinen-Hamill, Richard; Sweeney, Manea; Howat, Mike; Hannah, Greg


Wakesurfing: Some wakes are more equal than others

Ruprecht, Jamie E; Glamore, William C; Coghlan, Ian R; Flocard, Francois


Experimental investigation of tsunami bore induced scour around structures

Shafiei, Seyedreza; Melville, Bruce W; Shamseldin, Asaad Y; Watts, Matthew JH; Hoffman, Theodorus G


Methods for probabilistic coastal erosion hazard assessment

Shand, Tom; Reinen-Hamill, Richard; Kench, Paul; Ivamy, Mark; Knook, Patrick; Howse, Bruce


A more rigorous approach to calibrating and assessing the uncertainty of coastal numerical models

Simmons, Joshua A; Marshall, Lucy A; Turner, Ian L; Splinter, Kristen D; Cox, Ron J; Harley, Mitchell D; Hanslow, David J; Kinsela, Michael A


Concrete block mattress revetment alternative for the Roy Hill Infrastructure Rail loop

Stewart, Jared; McDonnell, Brian; Saunders, Bradley; Tan, Kim; Lee, Seonghwan; de Geeter, Jan; Blacka, Matt


Protocols for beach renourishment in an estuary

Stul, Tanya; Eliot, Matt; Bailey, Joel; Marshman, Sarah; Hill, Andrew


Verification of a coastal wave transfer function for the New South Wales coastline

Taylor, David; Garber, Sean; Burston, Joanna; Couriel, Ed; Modra, Ben; Kinsela, Michael


Beach volume index: Management tool for the Gold Coast beaches

Todd, Derek; Strauss, Darrell; Murray, Tom; Tomlinson, Rodger; Hunt, Shannon; Bowra, Kim


To improve the efficiency of ports exposed to swell

van Deyzen, AFJ; Beimers, PB; van der Lem, JC; Messiter, D; de Bont, JAM