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Medinfo 2007: Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Health (Medical) Informatics; Building Sustainable Health Systems

Imprint: Amsterdam; IOS Press; 2007Extent: 2 v. (xxviii, 1499 p.)ISBN: 9781586037741Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Health; Medical informatics

Database: Health Collection

Abstract: The Medinfo 2007 Proceedings present an overview of a dynamic and quickly growing field, demonstrating methodical and practical progress from around the world. Information science and, specifically, (Bio-) Medical Informatics have become core pillars of foundational and clinical research, of medical care, and of prevention. The proceedings are organised into twelve chapters, covering topics such as eHealth, Decision Support, Improving Quality, Usability, Sustainability, Genomics, Biomedical Image and Signal Processing, and Education and Training. Within each chapter, the articles are organised according to the conference sessions.



Kuhn, Klaus A; Warren, James R; Leong, Tze-Yun

Preface from the Scientific Program Co-chairs
Medinfo 2007 Scientific Program Committee
In Memory of Dr Branko Cesnik
Chapter 1. eHealth - eHealth Solutions to the Continuity of Care

Sustainable Ubiquitous Home Health Care - Architectural Considerations and First Practical Experiences

Marschollek, Michael; Wolf, Klaus-H; Bott, Oliver-J; Geisler, Mirko; Plischke, Maik; Ludwig, Wolfram; Hornberger, Andreas; Haux, Reinhold


Do Physicians Take Action on High Risk Family History Information Provided by Patients Outside of a Clinic Visit?

Volk, Lynn A; Staroselsky, Maria; Newmark, Lisa P; Pham, Hannah; Tumolo, Alexis; Williams, Deborah H; Tsurikova, Ruslana; Schnipper, Jeffrey; Wald, Jonathan S; Bates, David W


Sharing Electronic Laboratory Results in a Patient Portal - a Feasibility Pilot

Wald, Jonathan S; Burk, Karen; Gardner, Kaye; Feygin, Raisa; Nelson, Elizabeth; Epstein, Marianna; Poon, Eric G; Middleton, Blackford

Chapter 1. eHealth - eHealth Systems Modeling

Model-centric Approaches for the Development of Health Information Systems

Tuomainen, Mika; Mykkanen, Juha; Luostarinen, Heli; Poyhola, Assi; Paakkanen, Esa


Are Problem-oriented Medial Records (POMR) Suitable for Use in GPs' Daily Practice?

de Clercq, Etienne; van Casteren, Viviane; Jonckheer, Pascale; Burggraeve, Peter; Lafontaine, Marie France; Degroote, Karen; France, Francis Roger


Multiple Detection Modalities and Disease Natural History of Breast Cancer

Chen, Tony Hsiu-Hsi; Yen, Amy Ming-Fang; Wu, Grace Hui-Min; Chen, Li-Sheng; Chiu, Yueh-Hsia

Chapter 1. eHealth - Care at a Distance

Challenges in Telemedicine and eHealth: Lessons Learned from 20 Years with Telemedicine in Tromso

Hartvigsen, Gunnar; Johansen, Monika A; Hasvold, Per; Bellika, Johan Gustav; Arsand, Eirik; Arild, Eli; Gammon, Deede; Pettersen, Sture; Pedersen, Steinar


A Satellite Infrastructure for Health Early Warning in Post-disaster Health Management

Chronaki, CE; Berthier, A; Lleo, MM; Esterle, L; Lenglet, A; Simon, F; Josseran, L; Lafaye, M; Matsakis, Y; Tabasco, A; Braak, L


Remote Support for Stroke Rehabilitation: MyHeart's 'Neurological Rehabilitation' Concept

Giorgino, Toni; Tormene, Paolo; Cattani, Barbara; Pistarini, Caterina; Quaglini, Silvana

Chapter 1. eHealth - Mobile Care
Chapter 1. eHealth - Interoperability Issues in eHealth Information Systems
Chapter 1. eHealth - Searching for Answers

WRAPIN: A Tool for Patient Empowerment within EHR

Joubert, Michel; Gaudinat, Arnaud; Boyer, Celia; Geissbuhler, Antoine; Fieschi, Marius

Chapter 1. eHealth - Emerging Technologies

A Mobile Phone Based Remote Patient Monitoring System for Chronic Disease Management

Trudel, Mathieu; Cafazzo, Joseph A; Hamill, Melinda; Igharas, Walter; Tallevi, Kevin; Picton, Peter; Lam, Jack; Rossos, Peter G; Easty, Anthony C; Logan, Alexander

Chapter 1. eHealth - Consumer Health Technologies
Chapter 1. eHealth - The Impact of Clinical Information Systems

Exploring the Unintended Consequences of Computerized Physician Order Entry

Ash, Joan S; Sittig, Dean F; Dykstra, Richard; Campbell, Emily; Guappone, Kenneth

Chapter 1. eHealth - eHealth At-large

Connecting the Dots: Creation of an Electronic Regional Infection Control Network

Kho, Abel N; Dexter, Paul; Lemmon, Larry; Carey, Dauna; Woodward-Hagg, Heather; Hare, Steve; Doebbeling, Brad


Effectiveness of a Chronic Disease Surveillance Systems for Blood Pressure Monitoring

Borbolla, Damian; Giunta, Diego; Figar, Silvana; Soriano, Mercedes; Dawidowski, Adriana; Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Fernan

Chapter 1. eHealth - Issues in Clinical Care and Research
Chapter 1. eHealth - eHealth System Adoption
Chapter 1. eHealth - eHealth and Risk Management

Reliability Assessment of Home Health Care Services

Spyrou, Stergiani; Bamidis, Panagiotis; Kilintzis, Vassilis; Lekka, Irini; Maglaveras, Nicos; Pappas, Costas


Near-miss and Hazard Reporting: Promoting Mindfulness in Patient Safety Education

Currie, Leanne M; Desjardins, Karen S; Stone, Patricia W; Lai, Tsai-ya; Schwartz, Eric; Schnall, Rebecca; Bakken, Suzanne

Chapter 2. Data Repositories and Information Retrieval - Wide Electronic Health Records

A Territory-wide Electronic Health Record - from Concept to Practicality: The Hong Kong Experience

Sek, Antonio CH; Cheung, NT; Choy, KM; Wong, WN; Tong, Anna YH; Fung, Vicky H; Fung, Michael; Ho, Eric

Chapter 2. Data Repositories and Information Retrieval - Healthcare and Research Data Repositories

Design of a Decentralized Reusable Research Database Architecture to Support Data Acquisition in Large Research Projects

Iavindrasana, Jimison; Depeursinge, Adrien; Ruch, Patrick; Spahni, Stephane; Geissbuhler, Antoine; Muller, Henning

Chapter 2. Data Repositories and Information Retrieval - Registers and Research

Biomedical Data Mining in Clinical Routine: Expanding the Impact of Hospital Information Systems

Muller, Marcel; Marko, Kornel; Daumke, Philipp; Paetzold, Jan; Roesner, Arnold; Klar, Rudiger


The Swedish National Pharmacy Register

Astrand, Bengt; Hovstadius, Bo; Antonov, Karolina; Petersson, Goran

Chapter 2. Data Repositories and Information Retrieval - Patient Record Documentation

A New Approach in Nursing Documentation: Community Nursing Case

Rajkovic, Uros; Sustersic, Olga; Rajkovic, Vladislav; Prijatelj, Vesna

Chapter 2. Data Repositories and Information Retrieval - Integrated Health Records

The AMPATH Medical Record System: Creating, Implementing, and Sustaining an Electronic Medical Record System to Support HIV/AIDS Care in Western Kenya

Tierney, William M; Rotich, Joseph K; Hannan, Terry J; Siika, Abraham M; Biondich, Paul G; Mamlin, Burke W; Nyandiko, Winstone M; Kimaiyo, Sylvester; Wools-Kaloustian, Kara; Sidle, John E; Simiyu, Chrispinus; Kigotho, Erika; Musick, Beverly; Mamlin, Joseph J; Einterz, Robert M


Experience in Implementing the OpenMRS Medical Record System to Support

Allen, Christian; Jazayeri, Darius; Miranda, Justin; Biondich, Paul G; Mamlin, Burke W; Wolfe, Ben A; Seebregt, Chris; Lesh, Neal; Tierney, William M; Fraser, Heather SF

Chapter 2. Data Repositories and Information Retrieval - Information Retrieval

Template-based Data Entry for General Description in Medical Records and Data Transfer to Data Warehouse for Analysis

Matsumura, Yasushi; Kuwata, Shigeki; Yamamoto, Yuichiro; Izumi, Kazunori; Okada, Yasushi; Hazumi, Michihiro; Yoshimoto, Sachiko; Mineno, Takahiro; Nagahama, Munetoshi; Fujii, Ayumi; Takeda, Hiroshi


Experiments with Hierarchical Concept-based Search

Moskovitch, Robert; Sa'adon, Roee; Behiri, Eytan; Martins, Susana; Weiss, Aviram; Shahar, Yuval

Chapter 3. Sharing Data - Data: Standards and Sharing

Refining DICOM for Pathology - Progress from the IHE and DICOM Pathology Working Groups

Le Bozec, Christel; Henin, Dominique; Fabiani, Bettina; Schrader, Thomas; Garcia-Rojo, Marcial; Beckwith, Bruce


Framework for Clinical Data Standardization Based on Archetypes

Maldonado, Jose A; Moner, David; Tomas, Diego; Angulo, Carlos; Robles, Montserrat; Fernandez, Jesualdo T

Chapter 3. Sharing Data - Data: Transfer and Technical Standards

A National Study of eHealth Standardization in Finland - Goals and Recommendations

Mykkanen, Juha; Korhonen, Maritta; Porrasmaa, Jari; Tuomainen, Tuula; Ensio, Antero


Building a Womb-to-tomb Health Record in Hong Kong - an Application of Information Architecture

Fung, Vicky; Cheung, NT; Ho, Eric; Cheung, Clara; Chan, Hudson; Tsang, Kitty; Cheung, Joycelyne; Ho, William; Lau, Maggie; Hung, Veronica; Wong, Austen; Tong, Anna; Wong, WN; Sek, Antonio

Chapter 3. Sharing Data - Sharing Data
Chapter 3. Sharing Data - Secure Data Transmission

Proposal of a French Health Identification Number Interoperable at the European Level

Quantin, Catherine; Allaer, Francois-Andre; Avillach, Paul; Riandey, Benoit; Fieschi, Marius; Fassa, Maniane; Cohen, Olivier

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Understanding Natural Language

Corpus-based Error Detection in a Multilingual Medical Thesaurus

Andrade, Roosewelt L; Pacheco, Edson; Cancian, Pindaro S; Nohama, Percy; Schulz, Stefan


A Normalized Lexical Lookup Approach to Identifying UMLS Concepts in Free Text

Bashyam, Vijayaraghavan; Divita, Guy; Bennett, David B; Taira, Ricky K; Browne, Allen C

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Discovering New Biomedical Knowledge: Machine Learning and Data Mining

Automatic Infection Detection System

Granberg, Ove; Bellika, Johan Gustav; Arsand, Eirik; Hartvigsen, Gunnar


Results from Data Mining in a Radiology Department: The Relevance of Data Quality

Lang, Martin; Kirpekar, Nanda; Burkle, Thomas; Laumann, Susanne; Prokosch, Hans-Ulrich

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Classification Systems

Combining Lexical and Semantic Methods of Inter-terminology Mapping Using the UMLS

Fung, Kin Wah; Bodenreider, Olivier; Aronson, Alan R; Hole, William T; Srinivasan, Suresh


A Practical Approach to Advanced Terminology Services in Health Information Systems

Gambarte, Maria Laura; Lopez Osornio, Alejandro; Martinez, Marcela; Reynoso, Guillermo; Luna, Daniel; Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Fernan

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - SNOMED Terminology

Using SNOMED CT as a Reference Terminology to Cross Map Two Highly Pre-coordinated Classification Systems

Brown, Steven H; Husser, Casey S; Bailey, Sandra; Nugent, Linda; Porter, Karla; Bauer, Brent A; Elkin, Peter L

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Issues in Terminology Management

Statistical Selector of the Best Multiple ICD-coding Method

Aramaki, Eiji; Imai, Takeshi; Kajino, Masayuki; Miyo, Kengo; Ohe, Kazuhiko


Creation and Evaluation of a Terminology Server for the Interactive Coding of Discharge Summaries

Navas, Hernan; Lopez Osornio, Alejandro; Baum, Analia; Gomez, Adrian; Luna, Daniel; Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Fernan


Thesaurus Anomaly Detection by User Action Monitoring

Bitencourt, Jeferson L; Cancian, Pindaro S; Pacheco, Edson J; Nohama, Percy; Schulz, Stefan


Harmonizing Clinical Terminologies: Driving Interoperability in Healthcare

Hamm, Russell A; Knoop, Sarah E; Schwarz, Peter; Block, Aaron D; Davis, Warren L

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Semantic Issues in Healthdata Classification

Structuring of Free-text Diagnostic Report

Fujii, Hirofumi; Yamagishi, Hiromasa; Ando, Yutaka; Tsukamoto, Nobuhiro; Kawaguchi, Osamu; Kasamatsu, Tomotaka; Kurosaki, Kaoru; Osada, Masakazu; Kaneko, Hiroshi; Kubo, Atsushi

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Biomedical Text Mining and Standard Terminology

Using Discourse Analysis to Improve Text Categorization in MEDLINE

Ruch, Patrick; Geissbuhler, Antoine; Gobeill, Julien; Lisacek, Frederic; Tbahriti, Imad; Veuthey, Anne-Lise; Aronson, Alan R

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Ontologies

Aequus Communis Sententia: Defining Levels of Interoperability

Elkin, Peter L; Froehling, David; Bauer, Brent A; Wahner-Roedler, Dietlind; Rosenbloom, STrent; Bailey, Kent; Brown, Steven H

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Ontology Based Modeling

Ontology Based Modeling of Pandemic Simulation Scenarios

Eriksson, Henrik; Morin, Magus; Jenvald, Johan; Gursky, Elin; Holm, Einar; Timpka, Toomas

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Terminologies

Creation of a Local Interface Terminology to SNOMED CT

Lopez Osornio, Alejandro; Luna, Daniel; Gambarte, Maria Laura; Gomez, Adrian; Reynoso, Guillermo; Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Fernan


The Role of Local Terminologies in Electronic Health Records: The HEGP Experience

Daniel-Le Bozec, Christel; Steichen, Olivier; Dart, Thierry; Jaulent, Marie-Christine

Chapter 4. Medical Knowledge, Ontologies and Terminologies - Representing Biomedical Knowledge: Ontologies

Reconciliation of Ontology and Terminology to Cope with Linguistics

Baud, Robert H; Ceusters, Werner; Ruch, Patrick; Rassinoux, Anne-Marie; Lovis, Christian; Geissbuhler, Antoine


Automatic Checking of the Correctness of Clinical Guidelines in GLARE

Terenziani, Paolo; Anselma, Luca; Bottrighi, Alessio; Giordano, Laura; Montani, Stefania

Chapter 5. Decision Support and Workflow - Decision Support at the Point of Care: Clinical Guidelines

Improving Compliance to Guidelines through Workflow Technology: Implementation and Results in a Stroke Unit

Panzarasa, Silvia; Quaglini, Silvana; Micieli, Giuseppe; Marcheselli, Simona; Pessina, Mauro; Pernice, Corrado; Cavallini, Anna; Stefanelli, Mario


Learning Causal and Predictive Clinical Practice Guidelines from Data

Mani, Subramani; Aliferis, Constantin; Krishnaswami, Shanthi; Kotchen, Theodore

Chapter 5. Decision Support and Workflow - Decision Support in Health Information Systems

Is the Future Evidence-based?

Sissons, Ben WI; Bater, Tony; Morrey, Dave; Gray, WAlex

Chapter 5. Decision Support and Workflow - Decision Support at the Point of Care: Enhancing Patient Safety

Analysis and Redesign of a Knowledge Database for a Drug-drug Interactions Alert System

Luna, Daniel; Otero, Victoria; Daniela, Canosa; Sergio, Montenegro; Otero, Paul; Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Fernan


Closing the Loop: Bringing Decision Support Clinical Data at the Clinician Desktop

Breant, Claudine; Borst, Francois; Nkoulou, Rene; Irion, Olivier; Geissbuhler, Antoine

Chapter 5. Decision Support and Workflow - Activity Modeling

System Analysis and Improvement in the Process of Transplant Patient Care

Staes, Catherine J; Evans, RScott; Narus, Scott P; Huff, Stanley M; Sorensen, John B

Chapter 5. Decision Support and Workflow - Clinical Guidelines and Protocols
Chapter 6. Improving Quality - Optimal Order Entry

Securing Chemotherapies: Fabrication, Prescription, Administration and Complete Traceability

Spahni, Stephane; Lovis, Christian; Ackermann, Monique; Mach, Nicolas; Bonnabry, Pascal; Geissbuhler, Antoine


Multitasking by Clinicians in the Context of CPOE and CIS Use

Collins, Sarah; Currie, Leanne; Patel, Vimla; Bakken, Suzanne; Cimino, James J

Chapter 6. Improving Quality - Supporting the Care of Patients with Cancer

Diffusion of Electronic Health Records - Six Years of Empirical Data

Nohr, Christian; Anderson, Stig Kjaer; Bernstein, Knut; Bruun-Rasmussen, Morten; Vingtoft, Soren


Children's Contributions to Designing a Communication Tool for Children with Cancer

Ruland, Cornelia M; Slaughter, Laura; Starren, Justine; Vatne, Torun M; Moe, Elisabeth Y


Currency of Online Breast Cancer Information

Meric-Bernstam, Funda; Walji, Muhammad; Sagaram, Smitha; Sagaram, Deepak; Bernstam, Elmer

Chapter 6. Improving Quality - Extending Care

A Web-based Communities of Practice Support System for Caregivers

Fenton, Shirley L; Covvey, HDominic; Mulholland, Douglas W; Cowan, Donald D; Shamian, Judith; Schroeder, Bonnie

Chapter 6. Improving Quality - Improving Quality

Empowering Patients to Improve the Quality of Their Care: Design and Implementation of a Shared Health Maintenance Module in a US Integrated Healthcare Delivery Network

Poon, Eric G; Wald, Jonathan; Schnipper, Jeffrey L; Grant, Richard; Gandhi, Tejal K; Volk, Lynn A; Bloom, Amy; Williams, Deborah H; Gardner, Kate; Epstein, Marianna; Nelson, Lisa; Businger, Alex; Bates, David W; Middleton, Blackford; Li, Qi

Chapter 6. Improving Quality - Accurate Drug Prescribing

Physicians' Response to Guided Geriatric Dosing: Initial Results from a Randomized Trial

Peterson, Josh F; Rosenbaum, Benjamin P; Waitman, Lemuel R; Habermann, Ralf; Powers, James; Harrell, Debbie; Miller, Randolph A

Chapter 7. Usability - Optimising User Interfaces
Chapter 7. Usability - Cognitive Systems

Mobile Phone Computing for In-situ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Bang, Magnus; Timpka, Toomas; Eriksson, Henrik; Holm, Einar; Nordin, Conny

Chapter 7. Usability - User Perception and Acceptance
Chapter 7. Usability - Usability

Usability of Institutional Cancer Web Sites: An Italian Case Study

Mazzoleni, MCristina; Butera, Raffaella; Corbella, Franco; Balcet, Vittoria; Masenga, Enrico


Text Characteristics of Clinical Reports and Their Implications for the Readability of Personal Health Records

Kim, Hyeoneui; Zeng-Treitler, Qing; Goryachev, Sergey; Keselman, Alla; Slaughter, Laura; Arnott Smith, Catherine

Chapter 7. Usability - Advances in User Interface

Assessing the Impact of Recording Quality Target Data on the GP Consultation Using Multi-channel Video

Moulene, Maigaelle V; de Lusignan, Simon; Freeman, George; van Vlymen, Jeremy; Sheeler, Ian; Singleton, Andrew; Kumarapeli, Pushpa

Chapter 8. Sustainability - Sustainability: Government Policy and Initiatives

SHARE, from Vision to Road Map: Technical Steps

Olive, Mark; Rahmouni, Hanene; Breton, Vincent; Legre, Yannick; Blanquer, Ignacio; Hernandez, Vicente; Solomonides, Tony

Chapter 8. Sustainability - Sustainability: Disaster Planning and Public Health
Chapter 8. Sustainability - Sustainable Health Systems

A Japanese Model of Disease Management

Nakashima, Naoki; Kobayashi, Kunihisa; Inoguchi, Toyoshi; Nishida, Daisuke; Tanaka, Naomi; Nakazono, Hiromi; Hoshino, Akihiko; Soejima, Hidehisa; Takayanagi, Ryoichi; Nawata, Hajime


Towards Sustainability of Health Information Systems: How Can We Define, Measure and Achieve It?

Garde, Sebastian; Hullin, Carola M; Chen, Rong; Schuler, Thilo; Granz, Jana; Knaup, Petra; Hovenga, Evelyn JS

Chapter 8. Sustainability - Sustainable Systems: Design Success
Chapter 9. Genomics - Representing Biomedical Knowledge: Ontologies and Genomic Data Repositories

The Molecular Medicine Informatics Model (MMIM)

Hibbert, Marienne; Gibbs, Peter; O'Brien, Terence; Colman, Peter; Merriel, Robert; Rafael, Naomi; Georgeff, Michael

Chapter 9. Genomics - Algorithms for Genomic and Genetic Data Analysis
Chapter 9. Genomics - Algorithms and Research Frameworks for Genomics

A Dynamic Query System for Supporting Phenotype Mining in Genetic Studies

Nuzzo, Angelo; Segagni, Daniele; Milani, Giuseppe; Rognoni, Carla; Bellazzi, Riccardo

Chapter 10. Biomedical Image and Signal Processing - Biomedical Signal Interpretation

Non-linear Analysis for the Sleepy Drivers Problem

Chouvarda, Ioanna; Papadelis, Christos; Kourtidou-Papadeli, Chrysoula; Bamidis, Panagiotis D; Koufogiannis, Dimitris; Bekiaris, Evaggelos; Maglaveras, Nicos


Identification and Genotype Related Classification of Children with Long QT-Syndrome Using 24h Holter Recordings

Bauch, Matthias; Siegler, Annamaria; Khalil, Markus; Zehelein, Jorg; Ulmer, Herbert E; Dickhaus, Hartmut

Chapter 10. Biomedical Image and Signal Processing - Information Visualisation and Imaging Informatics

Temporal Abstraction and Data Mining with Visualization of Laboratory Data

Takabayashi, Katsuhiko; Ho, Tu Bao; Yokoi, Hideto; Nguyen, Trong Dung; Kawasaki, Saori; Le, Si Quang; Suzuki, Takahiro; Yokosuka, Osamu

Chapter 10. Biomedical Image and Signal Processing - Biomedical Image Processing
Chapter 11. Education and Training - Health Informatics Education and Training
Chapter 11. Education and Training - eLearning and Distance Education

E-learning at Porto Faculty of Medicine: A Case Study for the Subject 'Introduction to Medicine'

Costa-Santos, Cristina; Coutinho, Ana; Cruz-Correia, Ricardo; Ferreira, Ana; Costa-Pereira, Altamiro

Chapter 11. Education and Training - Professional Education - Nursing Informatics

Development and Evaluation of a PDA-based Decision Support System for Pediatric Depression Screening

John, Ritamarie; Buschman, Penelope; Chaszar, Mosely; Honig, Judy; Mendonca, Eneida; Bakken, Suzanne


ROC van Twente: Nursing Education in Care and Technology

Goossen, William TF; Goossen-Baremans, Anneke; Hofte, Laura; de Krey, Bert

Chapter 11. Education and Training - Professional Education - Research

Multiple Measures of Provider Participation in Internet Delivered Interventions

Houston, Thomas K; Funkhouser, Ellen; Allison, Jeroan J; Levine, Deborah A; Williams, ODale; Kiefe, Catarina I


Medical Students' Knowledge and Perceptions of e-Health: Results of a Study in Sri Lanka

Edirippulige, Sisira; Marasinghe, Rohana B; Smith, Anthony C; Fujisawa, Yoshikazu; Herath, Walisundara B; Jiffry, MTM; Wootton, Richard

Chapter 11. Education and Training - Professional Education - Case Reports and Methods Studies

The EIPEN Project: Promoting Interprofessional Education in Health Professions

Liaskos, Joseph; Frigas, Antonis; Antypas, Kostantinos; Zikos, Dimitrios; Diomidous, Marianna; Mantas, John

Chapter 11. Education and Training - Computer-assisted Medical Education

PDA-based Informatics Strategies for Tobacco Use Screening and Smoking Cessation Management: A Case Study

Bakken, Suzanne; Roberts, WDan; Chen, Elizabeth; Dilone, Joann; Lee, Nam-Ju; Mendonca, Eneida; Markatou, Marianthi

Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Consumer Informatics
Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Education

Development of a Personal Medical Recorder on a Cell Phone

Takeuchi, Akihiro; Kobayashi, Katsura; Mamorita, Noritaka; Ikeda, Noriaki

Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Emerging Technologies

Implementing and Evaluating a Laboratory Information System to Optimize the Treatment of Tuberculosis Patients in Peru

Blaya, Joaquin A; Shin, Sonya S; Yagui, Martin JA; Asencios, Luis; Vargas, Javier; Suares, Carmen; Yale, Gloria; Fraser, Hamish SF

Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Health Information Systems

Multi-label Text Classification of German Language Medical Documents

Spat, Stephan; Cadonna, Bruno; Rakovac, Ivo; Gutl, Christian; Leitner, Hubert; Stark, Gunther; Beck, Peter


Why Teach Computer Security to Medical Students?

Ferreira, Ana A; Cruz-Correia, Ricardo; Costa-Pereira, Altamiro

Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Knowledge Management

Infobuttons: A Study of Usability

Gutnik, Lily; Collins, Sarah; Currie, Leanne M; Cimino, James J; Patel, Vimla L

Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Organisations
Chapter 12. Poster Contributions Selected for Best Poster Awards 2007 - Standards

Implementation of an Integrated Network for Health Research in Quebec

Huang, Allen; Lemieux, Jacques; Bouchard, Jean-Claude; Bourque, Michel; Tamblyn, Robyn

Poster Papers

eHealth Consumer Attitudes in Greece and Denmark

Orphanoudaki, E; Voss, H; Kouroubali, A; Roumeliotaki, T; Esterle, L; Chronaki, CE


Patient Empowerment: A Measure of Patient Empowerment Received by the German Health Card

Spitalewsky, Katharina; Skonetzki, Stefan; Pritsch, Maria; Kohl, Christian; Knaup, Petra


AboutKidsHealth: A Unique Initiative in Pediatric Consumer Health Informatics

Hetherington, Ross; James, Andrew; Meighan, Kimberly; O'Neill, Angela; Shaw, Brian


A Care Assessment System Supporting Community-based Healthcare Environment

Karunanithi, Mohan; Sarela, Antti; Boyle, Justin; Bidargaddi, Niranjan; Maeder, Anthony


Haptic Rendering for Blind and Severely Visually Impaired Children

Weichert, Frank; Wagner, Mathias; Streng, Andreas; Groh, Andreas; Ingenerf, Josef; Liese, Werner; Richards, Tereza; Shamaa, Ali; Linder, Roland


The Need for Secure Computer-based Assessment-Software

Heid, Jorn; Bauch, Matthias; Garde, Sebastian; Hess, Frank; Haag, Martin; Leven, Franz J


Evaluation of Competency-based Online Learning Modules for Nurses in Emergency Planning and Response

Norman, Linda; Weiner, Elizabeth; Irwin, Margaret; Gordon, Jeffry; Slepski, Lynn; Trangenstein, Patricia


Problem-based Learning Approach for the On-line Public Health Courses

Chae, Young Moon; Ho, Seung Hee; Lee, Seon Kui; Yoon, Soo Jin; Kim, Min Kyung; Tan, Bernard CM


e-Learning in Ophthalmology: An Approach with High Learner Acceptance

Boeker, Martin; Biller, Silke; Agostini, Hansjurgen; Klar, Rudiger; Reinhard, Thomas; Stahl, Andreas


E-learning for Occupational Medicine through an Interactive Guidelines Tool

Quaglini, Silvana; Caffi, Ezio; Ciccarese, Paolo; Ghittori, Sergio; Mazzoleni, MCristina


Evaluation of Certifying Examination of Healthcare Information Technologists

Yamamoto, Koji; Ishikawa, Kiyomu; Paku, Kunshiku; Yahata, Katsuya; Yamamoto, Kazuko; Irie, Masayuki; Okada, Mihoko; Miyamoto, Masaki; Naito, Michio; Kawamura, Tetsuo; Nagasawa, Toru; Sakurai, Tsunetaro; Matsumura, Yasushi; Inada, Hiroshi; Yamauchi, Kazunobu


Why Teach Computer Security to Medical Students?

Ferreira, Ana M; Cruz-Correia, Ricardo; Costa-Pereira, Altamiro


An e-Learning Experience in a Biomedical Research and Public Health Institute

Villarrubia-Ensenat, Angeles; Garcia-Hernandez, Oscar; Hermosilla-Gimeno, Isabel; Hurtado-Linares, Veronica; Martin-Sanchez, Fernando


Reorganization of Japanese Textbooks for Nursing Informatics

Yamanouchi, Kazushi; Asanuma, Yuko; Endo, Yoshihito; Ota, Katsumasa; Majima, Yukie; Nekoda, Yasutoshi; Maeda, Jukai; Tsuru, Satoko


Readiness and Necessity for Self-directed Learning among Nursing Students in Japan

Tomita, Mika; Iwasawa, Mariko; Nakamura, Yoichi; Midorikawa, Nobuyuki; Takabayashi, Katsuhiko


Open Source Network Infrastructure for Health Information Systems

Paiva, Paulo B; Giusti, Rafael VD; Ribeiro, Marco AG; Ancao, Meide S; Sigulem, Daniel


Development of Team Competence and IT Projects at Hospital

Miyahara, Tokiharu; Ohtsuka, Hiroyuki; Ishii, Kiyohiro; Kato, Kenji; Nagai, Naoko; Morioka, Shigefumi


NSC (New Songdo City: Newly Developed City as Free Economic Zone in South Korea) Ubiquitous Healthcare Project: Developing Prospective Health Management Model, Integrating On-line and Off-line Healthcare Service

Yoon, Dae Hyun; Park, Jin Ho; Lee, Cheol Min; Kwon, Hyuk Tae; Park, Min Jeoung; Kim, Dong Hee; Choi, Seung Ho; Choi, Su Yeon; Jeong, In Kyong; Sim, Won Hee; Cho, BeLong; Shin, Chan Soo; Cho, Sang Heon; Oh, Byung Hee


Videophonic System for Cancerous Patients Receiving Chemotherapy at Home

Laila, Mona; Rialle, Vincent; Nicolas, Lydie; Duguay, Catherine; Franco, Alain


Use of Emerging Technologies in Healthcare: A future Vision for u-Nursing

Honey, Michelle; Oyri, Karl; Newbold, Susan; Coenen, Amy; Park, Hyeoun-Ae; Ensio, Anneli; Jesus, Elvio


Development of Smart Stretcher Equipped with Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring and Location Detection

Ohashi, Kumiko; Matsushima, Masahito; Yamazaki, Takashi; Tomita, Hiroshi; Watanabe, Kajiro; Tanaka, Hiroshi


Developing an Integrated System Supporting Contemporary Home-care

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A Feasibility Study of Constructing Electronic Nursing Record with Nursing Clinical Pathway

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The Cognitive Work of Nursing

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A Holistic Approach for Prevention and Early Diagnostics :Personal Health Management with Web-based Personal Health Records

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Extending a VEPR System Institutional Boundary

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Development of a Personal Medical Recorder on Cell Phone

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A Novel Population-based Proband-initial Algorithm for Family-based Studies in Keelung Community-based Integrated Screening: An Illustration of Hypertension

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SAS Macro Program for Lead-time Bias and Length Bias Adjustment by Stochastic Modelling

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Development of a Colon Cancer Extension for the AMANDA Microarray Management Database

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Pharmaceutical Safety Reporting System on UMIN

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Using an Electronic Prescribing Tool as a System for Chronic Disease Management

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Tracking Children for the Newborn Hearing Screening in Northern Germany

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The Effect of Computer-assisted Prescription on Critical Care Unit

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Information Technology Supported Clinical Handover - a Pilot Study

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Drug Interactions during Three Decades

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The Efficiency of Applying Short Message Service for Surgical Patient's Families

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The Food and Exercise Simulation Program for Metabolic Syndrome People

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The Improvement of Timeliness and Data Quality of Notifiable Disease Reporting by Implementation of an Electronic Reporting System

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Determining Requirements for a Electronic Child Record in Youth Health Care

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An Effective Approach for Development of Regional Medical Information System Using XML Technology

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The Solution for Consent Form in EMR System

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MR Item as an Intermediate Terminology between Terms and Clinical Document

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Functional Analysis of Health Information System in Public Health Centers Focusing on Health Business Programs

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Plan of Interoperable EHR in Korea

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A Survey on Shared Electronic Health Record Architectures in Europe

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Developmental Context: Evolvement of the EHR Systems in the Russian Federation

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Does Integrated EHR System Assure Safety Patient Management?

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Data Integrity Management for Medical Image Data Archive Using Digital Signatures and Time-stamp Certificates

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Requirements of Linkage with Triage-tag Information and Electronic Health Records Available in a Huge Disaster

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A Composite Index for Evaluating Electronic Medical Records Systems: Work in Progress

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Impact of a Clinical Decision Support System on Prescribing of Renally Cleared Drugs

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How Could Consistent Management of Information According to Clinical Care Process on Injection Contribute to Patients' Safety?

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Drug Dosage Adjustment Using Real-time Renal Dosing System in Korea: Evaluation of the Early Stage of Application

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Infobuttons: A Study of Usability

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A Comprehensive Health Information System to Support Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Japan

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The Implementation and Evaluation of a Renal Function Based Dosage Adjustment System in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

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Computer-assisted Cancer Chemotherapy Planning and Alerting System

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Implementing and Evaluating a Laboratory Information System to Optimize the Treatment of Tuberculosis Patients in Peru

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Online Transmission of Clinical Data for Disease Management and Registers

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Projects Integrating Information Systems Are Going Regional - a Systematic Review

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Integration of Specialist and Ancillary Services System into HIS: Development and Implementation of a Generic Report System

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How Should Interfaces Specify Application Behaviors?

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Clinical Decision Support to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing for Acute Respiratory Infections: Results of a Pilot Study

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A National Healthcare Data Network for India

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Shortage of Beds: A Local Solution for a Global Concern - a Traffic Light System

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Building Care Delivery Systems for Patient Value: Adding Nursing to Evidence-based Practice

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Clinical Trial of a CAD System for Microcalcification Detection and Classification

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Photoplethysmographic Measurement of Pulse Shape

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Visualization of Preterm Birth Health Disparities

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Collaborative Atlas in Upper Digestive Endoscopy

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Supporting Cooperative Updates of Clinical Guidelines

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Study of a Logistic Model with Mutually Correlated Variables Using a Generation Algorithm of Dichotomous Data with Arbitrary Sensitivity, Specificity and Correlation

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Decision Support for the Prescription of Hepatitis B Virus Tests in Cardiovascular Surgery

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Experience of Adopting MLM Engine for Drug-Drug Interaction

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Automated Surveillance for Catheter-associated Bloodstream Infections

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A Model Proposal for the Rational Prescription of Antimicrobials in Intensive Care Medicine

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Innovative Approach to Childbirth Decision Making

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Sensible Decision Support System

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Development of Data Capture System for Clinical Study by the Secondary Use of Electronic Health Records

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Data Mining as a Tool of Quality in Obstetrics

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Automatic Categorization of Google Search Results for Medical Queries Using JDI

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Open Platform for a Longitudinal Study in Dental Implant

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Description of Implementation of Clinical Decision Support Alert in Response to a Case Report of a Preventable Adverse Drug Event

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Affiliation of a Resource Type to a MeSH Term in a Quality-controlled Health Gateway

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Applying AI Model-checking Techniques to Clinical Guidelines

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Poseacle: An Ontological Infrastructure for Managing Clinical Archetypes in Semantic Web Environments

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LinkEHR: A Tool for Standarization and Integration of Legacy Clinical Data

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Managing Differently Structured Data Using the Clinical Element Model

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Multi-label Text Classification of German Language Medical Documents

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Development of a Hospital Financial Analysis System Using Rule-based Engine

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The New Digital Divide: Bridging the Gap between Patients and Practice

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Development of Reference Terminology in Korean Health Domain

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Mapping of Korean Healthcare Vocabulary to the UMLS

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An Analysis for the Automated Mapping of Laboratory Data with Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC)

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RxNav: Towards an Integrated View on Drug Information

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Semantic Interoperability and SNOMED CT: A Case Study in Clinical Problem Lists

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Interoperability and Security: Design and Development of a Clinical Documents Repository Digitally Signed using CDA Standard

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The Brazilian Healthcare Software Certification Process

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Biometrics for Telemedicine Operation and Management

Nakajima, Isao; Tomioka, Yasumitsu; Juzoji, Hiroshi; Kitano, Toshihiko


Nationwide Standard Electronic Health-document-exchange Based on HL7CDA - Rel.2 in the New National Health-Checkup-Program for Preventing Metabolic Syndrome in Japan

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Evolutions of the Brazilian Permanent Council of Health Standards

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Computer-assisted Coding Software Standard Recommendations from a Workshop

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Telehealth Trends in Pacific Islands and Solutions for the Sustainable Operation

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Translation, Implementation and Evaluation of a Medical Informatics Distance Learning Course for Latin America

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Why Teach Computer Security to Medical Students?

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Remote Follow-up of Liver Transplant Patients: A Telemedicine Implementation Project in Latin America

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Safe and Efficient Use of Wireless Communication in a Large Hospital

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Study of the Platform of a Medical Information System to Promote Telemedicine Services

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Development of Clinical Data Warehouse System for Clinical Quality Indicators

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The Application of Integration Approaches through Biomedical Informatics in Health

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INBIOMED, the Spanish Cooperative Research Thematic Network on Biomedical Informatics

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Evaluation of a Statewide Implementation of Electronic Health Records

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Development of an Electronic Tool to Facilitate the Medication Reconciliation Process and Improve Prescribing Practices

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Outcomes of a Three Year Videoconference Program for Family Practice Professionals

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A Primary Care Physicians Web-space

Fenton, Shirley L; Covvey, HDominic; Mulholland, Douglas W; Cowan, Donald D


European Biomedical Informatics Gateway

Hurtado Linares, V; Martin Sanchez, F; Villahoz, N; de los Cobos, Jab; Hermosilla Gimeno, I; Vicente, FJavier


Development and Implementation of Physician Profiling Tool

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Ontology Design for the Development of Semantically Interpretable Clinical Practice Guidelines

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The First Japanese Implementation of IHE-ITI EUA/PSA and the Impact of Visual Integration

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Facilitating Hospital-at-home Therapy through Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring

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A Prototype of Electronic Home Care Visit Platform: Nurse's e-Bag

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Functional Analysis of Health Information System in Public Health Centers Focusing on Health Business Programs

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Implementation of an Integrated Network for Health Research in Quebec

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Advantages of Computer-based Approaches to Clinical Guidelines: The Case of the GLARE Approach

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