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AIAC15: 15th Australian International Aerospace Congress

Imprint: Melbourne, Vic.; Australian International Aerospace Congress; 2013Extent: 746 p.ISBN: 9780987086334Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Engineering; Engineering (Other branches)Peer Reviewed: Yes

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: The 15th Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC15) was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, 25 -28 February 2013. The Conference presented key innovations and achievements in aeronautical technologies and systems, and their current and future aerospace applications, including: Aerodynamics, flight mechanics and fluid mechanics; Aerostructures; Aeronautical systems, science, and technology; Aging aircraft, cost of ownership, and sustainment; Air operations and traffic control; Applications of aeronautical systems or technology to military, civil or commercial endeavours; Avionics and mission systems; Combustion and propulsion; Government policy that directs or drives aerospace programs, systems, and technologies; Material sciences; Navigation, guidance and control; Space technologies and systems; Systems engineering and management science in the aerospace industry; Unmanned aerial systems.

Session 1A - Aerodynamics
Session 1B - Materials
Session 1D - UAVs
Session 1E - Structural Fatigue
Session 2A - Operations and HMI

Human machine interface analysis through cognitive modelling

Ding, Yulin; Sioutis, Christos; Baillie, Callum; Tobin, Brad; Scott, William

Session 2B - Structures and Materials
Session 2D - UAVs
Session 2E - Aerodynamics
Session 3A - Flight Control, Dynamics and Mechanics
Session 3B - Safety, ATC and Test Facilities
Session 3D - Propulsion Systems
Session 3E - Structures and Materials
Session 4A - Aerodynamics
Session 4D - UAVs and Flight Control
Session 4E - Structures
Session 5A - Sustainment
Session 5D - UAV and System Integration
Session 5E - Structures
Session 6A - Aerodynamics
Session 6D - UAV Operations
Session 6E - Structures and Materials
Session 7A - Aerodynamics
Session 7D - UAV Operations

Self-organised UAV swarms

Chi, Tzi-Chieh; Page, John; Cheng, Haoyang; Olsen, John

Session 7E - Aircraft Design Concepts