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Agricultural Technologies In a Changing Climate: The 2009 CIGR International Symposium of the Australian Society for Engineering in Agriculture

Imprint: Brisbane, Queensland; Engineers Australia; 2009Extent: 684 p.ISBN: 9780858259096Publication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Engineering; Agriculture; Engineering (Other branches); Techniques, equipment & materials

Database: Engineering Collection

Abstract: The 2009 CIGR sponsored International Symposium of the Australian Society for Engineering in Agriculture meeting provides a unique forum for local and international delegates to share ideas and tackle diverse topics while focusing on the main challenges associated with 'climate change' in its broader sense.

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Options for Dust Reduction from Poultry Houses

Aarnink, AJA; Mosquera, J; Winkel, A; Cambra-Lopez, M; van Harn, J; de Buisonje, FE; Ogink, NWM


Simulation of an Array of Fences in Saemangeum Reclaimed Land Using CFD Technology

Bitog, JP; Lee, I-B; Hong, S-W; Hwang, H-S; Seo, I-H; Yoo, J-I; Kwon, K-S; Kim, Y-H; Choi, J-S


Impact of the Fan Frequency on Droplet Transmission of Air Blast Sprayer

Song, S; Hong, T; Sun, Daozong; Luo, Chengyang; Zhu, Yuqing; Yue, Xuejun; Liu, Jun


The SE Queensland Cloud Seeding Research Program

Craig, I; Stone, R; Bruintjes, R; Tessendorf, S; Axisa, D; Dixon, M; Pocernich, M; Brandes, E; Ikeda, K; Wilson, J; Roberts, R; Breed, D; Ziady, L; Peter, J; Manton, M; Seims, S; May, P; Keenan, T; Glasson, K; Gunn, B; Collis, S; Purdam, P; Bannister, Tony; Richter, H; Abbs, D; Piketh, S; Orsmond, R; McGarry, H; Edwards, S; Burger, R; Kruger, H; Wiggins, G; Hingst, G; Broccardo, S; Nierop, N; Waal, K; Kroese, N; Nchpa, X; Brailall, S; Walton, N; Lodder, J; Mienie, N; Brady, P; Choma, G; Smith, D; O'Donnell, N; Carr, J; O'Doherty, N; McRae, D


Monitoring of Fugitive Dust Emission in Saemanguem Reclaimed Land

Hwang, H-S; Lee, I-B; Hong, S-W; Seo, I-H; Bitog, JP; Yoo, J-I; Kwon, K-S; Kim, Y-H


CFD Modeling of Livestock Odor Diffusion on Complex Topography

Hong, S-W; Lee, I-B; Hwang, H-S; Seo, I-H; Bitog, J; Yoo, J-I; Kwon, K-S; Kim, Y-H


Developement of Analyzing Ventilation Efficiency Using CFD Technology Based on LMA and LMR Theory

Kyeong-seok, K; In-bok, L; Hwa-Taik, H; Cheol-Yong, S; Se-Woon, H; Hyun-Seob, H; Il-Hwan, S; Bitog, JP; Jae-In, Y; Yong-Hee, K-S