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Appreciation of Difference: WEH Stanner and Aboriginal Australia, An

Imprint: Canberra, A.C.T.; Aboriginal Studies Press; 2008Extent: xviii, 293 p.ISBN: 9780855756604Publication Type: MonographSubjects: Social Sciences; Indigenous; Anthropology; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies; Indigenous studies

Database: Indigenous Collection

Abstract: WEH Stanner was a public intellectual whose work reached beyond the walls of the academy, and he remains a highly significant figure in Aboriginal affairs and Australian anthropology. Educated by Radcliffe-Brown in Sydney and Malinowski in London, he undertook anthropological work in Australia, Africa and the Pacific. Hinkson and Beckett have drawn together some of Australia's leading academics working in Aboriginal studies to provide an historical and analytical context for Stanner's work, as well as demonstrating the continuing relevance of his writings in the contested field of Aboriginal affairs.

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Preliminary Material
Part 1 : Diverse Fields

'A Chance to be of Some Use to My Country': Stanner during World War II

Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy; Gray, Geoffrey


    Stanner: Reluctant Bureaucrat

    Dexter, Barrie; Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy

      Part 2 : In Pursuit of Transcendent Value

      Frontier Encounter: Stanner's Durmugam

      Beckett, Jeremy; Hinkson, Melinda


        Stanner's Veil: Transcendence and the Limits of Scientific Inquiry

        Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy; Sutton, Peter


          'Joyous Maggots': The Symbolism of Yolngu Mortuary Rituals

          Morphy, Howard; Beckett, Jeremy; Hinkson, Melinda

            Part 3 : Land and People

            'Too Sociological'? Revisiting 'Aboriginal Territorial Organization'

            Peterson, Nicolas; Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy


              Stanner, Milirrpum, and the Woodward Royal Commission

              Williams, Nancy M; Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy


                Counting the Cost: Stanner and the Port Keats/Wadeye Population

                Taylor, John; Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy

                  Part 4 : A Public Intellectual

                  WEH Stanner and the Historians

                  Curthoys, Ann; Beckett, Jeremy; Hinkson, Melinda


                    After the Dreaming: The Boyer Lecturer as Social Critic

                    Rowse, Tim; Hinkson, Melinda; Beckett, Jeremy

                      End Matter