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APAMI - HIC 1997: Managing Information for Better Health Outcomes in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region: 11 to 13 August 1997, Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics, HISA: Conference Proceedings

Imprint: Brunswick East, Vic.; Health Informatics Society of Australia; [1997]Extent: i, 892 p.ISBN: 064630576XPublication Type: Conference PaperSubjects: Health; Medical informaticsPeer Reviewed: Yes

Database: Health Collection

Abstract: The Health Informatics Conference Proceedings 1997 recognises the importance in health care in the functioning of any economy, and examines what steps have been taken to improve health care delivery through quality, outcomes and costs. Also discussed is the way in which to improve the delivery of health care for all, and to focus on systems that improve communication, provide standardisation, support clinical decision-making, and which are focussed on the electronic medical record, whilst avoiding the existing trend of information systems in health care where there is more interest in the technology rather than information management infrastructure which provide little benefit in health outcomes. These proceedings endeavour to offer continued enlightenment to all, and that health care will be improved in each region as a result of the knowledge gained through this conference.



Hannan, Terry; McGhee, Sarah; Symonds, Ian

Keynote Papers
Session 1: Introduction to the Internet and Health Care
Session 2: Scientific Demonstrations
Session 3: Lessons from the Past
Session 5: Electronic Patients Records
Session 7: Introduction to Informatics for Nurses
Session 9: Using the Internet and WWW Technologies

Jaundice Breakfast on the Web - a Clinical Tradition Expanded

Thorpe, MEC; Pirola, R; Yeo, BW; Jones, P; Palmer, J; Keogh, G; Lloyd, A; Grieve, D; Marinos, G; Thomas, M

Session 10: Systems Implementation and IT Strategies
Session 11: Electronic Patient Record - Hospital Focus

Surgical Information System(s)

Cansdell, Deborah; King, Denis; Latta, Deborah; Stahel, Robyn

Session 15: The Internet, WWW and Education

What's the Hype?: Interactive Patient Education for Adolescents

Bearman, M; Kidd, M; Hall, A; Sotiropolous, J; Burrows, C; Preece, S; Anser, A; Cesnik, B; Keegel, T; McPhee, W

Session 16: Organisational Impact
Session 17: Clinical Systems
Session 19: The Electronic Record - User Experience
Session 20: Dimensional Data Modelling Workshop
Session 21: Introduction to Informatics and Clinical Medicine
Session 22: Government Initiatives
Session 23: Management and IT
Session 27: Introduction to Telemedicine
Session 28: Clinical Systems and Decision Support
Session 29: Health Outcomes and Quality
Session 33: Telemedicine Applications
Session 34: Clinical Decision Support

A Computerised Asthma Management System

Schloeffel, P; Dalidowicz, L; Norman, BD; Dippy, S; Ruffin, R; Adams, R; Smith, B

Session 35: Health Care and IT
Session 38: Educating Health Professionals
Session 39: System Security and Privacy
Session 40: Clinical Systems

ATOM-2, Open-distributed Hospital Information System Enhanced with Client/Server and GUI

Kwak, Yun Sik; Cho, Hune; Jeon, Hee Sun; Kim, Hyung Soo; Jang, Soo Yong; Kim, Young Jin


Computer-based System for Dietotherapy (DIET)

Patrugan, Victor; Ionescu-Tirgoviste, Constantin; Macovei, Nicoleta Petra; Nanu, Lavinia; Alexandru, Alice

Session 41: Data and Coding
Session 42: Communication and Technology Issues
Session 44: Education and IT
Session 45: Communications

Effects of an Electronic Medical Textbook for Daily Medical Activities Using a Satellite

Okada, Y; Haruki, Y; Ogushi, Y; Ohta, Y; Hayashi, Y; Kimura, H; Ohata, K; Kon, T; Mizuno, H; Horie, M; Endo, I; Oshima, J; Tashiro, H


Emergency Medical Information System against Greater Disaster Using a Communications Satellite

Haruki, Y; Okada, Y; Ogushi, Y; Ohta, Y; Hayashi, Y; Ohata, K; Kon, T; Mizuno, H; Horie, M; Endo, I; Oshima, J; Kimura, H

Session 46: Clinical Systems
Session 47: Data, Knowledge and Language
Session 48: Multimedia